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We are at “ADD ME INDIA” deals with Offline and Online Digital marketing. We are best in our industries. Our core services are as follows:

As a "Marketing Agency", we know the importance of best data. So we direct you to do install correct analytics for your data.
We know the importance of branding for your company. Right branding makes the difference.
E-Mail Promotion
Promote your business, products, and service with our all in one e-mail campaigning/marketing.
PPC Management
The trends are always changing and the strategies are developing. AMI has the right people, technology, and approach to ensure your paid search activity is at the forefront of digital innovation.
Social Media Activities
Know your social activity, spread on social media, get a fan from around the world and spread the fan following.
Onboard Promotion
Promote your business and visible everywhere, advertise yourself and your business. Gather clients/ customers.
Web Design & Development
Get your dream website and make it live. We are a creative web designer-cum-developer.
Make your website visible and rank it No.1 at all search engine. Get direct customers from the web.
Graphics Design
We are the best hand on banner, logo, business card, video, and design. You can get all the promotion tool at a single place.
Skilled Professionals
Top Promotion Tools
Promotion Platforms
Support Options
We Are Now Starting

With great future aim, we want to work with those people, who are pationating about their professionalism. We are starting this program to engage people to give them a better living. We are commited to make a difference with working together and acheive our destinatination by helping each other. Join our family today to start a new life.

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Our Core Skills
Great Experience

Past 5 Years, we have experience about the technology, how a promotion actually works? As per our experience, the best way to promote with attached audiance is to visible direct infront of audiance. No other ways are actually works.

Social Promotion
[We are Unique]
Why we are best?

We are best for our creativity, market stertergies and for client/ customer relationship and at last best for our marketing technology.

AMI Is the only choice.

TV Promotion
TV Promotion
Everyone is thinking, television is the only platform where we can promote us perfectly. But the truth is not the same. Think when you are watching a movie or anything, the advertisement comes and at that time, what we do? And the answer is either we change the channel or go for work at that time. You think, is it right or wrong. But at "AMI" get the value of your investment. Everybody watch your ad, whole the time we commit with you. And it's very cheap comparing to TV Ad.

Unfortunately AMI is best.

News Paper & Magazine
News Paper & Magazine
Here Is the same situation, you pay here for a non-noticeable Ad. You pay approx ₹3000.00 for "3cmX2cm" Ad for one day, but the result is 2-5 out of 100 and no everybody affords this. But here at "AMI" our plans suit everyone and it's effective. You can get a 100% result from us.

AMI an Unique Creation

Hoadings & Banners
Hoadings & Banners
If you think hoadings & banners are the solutions for your promotion, then you think right but it's limited, time taking and expensive. After that, you can only cover a small area. But we have the solution for your requirements. We promote you with each and every person connecting to the internet.

No way without AMI

Prompting With Speakers
Prompting With Speakers
It's a very interesting way of promotion, but it's not cover a big network of client/customer. At "AMI" we have that network, where you can get your targeted customer and it's affordable for all.

Support From AMI is Awesome

Support After Business Relation
Support After Business Relation
Comparing to other companies in our industries, not give the assistance you dream, but at "AMI" we are always assisting you before relation and after relation.

[How It Works]
How to advertise?

The process is simple, just follow some simple steps and get your advertisement ready to publish infront of viewers.

There is many option for consultation (Online Chating, Via E-mail, By Calling, Fill  Forms and Face to Face Meeting.), choose one of them and discuss your requirments. We are fully co-operate to make understand.

After discussing, let’s go to next step. Give your complete details and contents for your Ad. We are analyzeing and  designing your Ad as per your demand.

After all now pay a small amout for your Ad package. We are charging very nominal price. So, all are can afford this.

Now your Ad is ready to be publish and get a huge responceas we promise.

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